We are one of you…

We are two Anaesthetic Registrars based in and around Cardiff, Wales.

Our story…

Whilst bracing ourselves for the COVID-storm, we worried about how best to look out for colleagues in our NHS family. We knew that this storm would last a while, and have far reaches throughout our workforce and local community.

We needed to stop, think, and rest.

We wanted somewhere to escape to, that would feed and nurture our bodies and minds, and provide some solace from the constant stream of news and social media. 

We also wanted to support the independent businesses that have made our community what it is, for fear of losing them altogether.

So what started off as a socially respectable and distanced virtual coffee date, became a springboard for an online ‘noticeboard’ and now here we are.

We hope that you will find something to serve you here, a little peace and positivity amongst the uncertainty. Or even just to escape and take in the journey.

Keep well,

Dr Ellie Powell and Dr Kat Shelley

DISCLAIMER: This is a not-for-profit initiative, we do not represent the NHS. All opinions are our own, we do not receive endorsements for any products or resources.

In it together