We set up this page with the idea of supporting you, as well as supporting local; but what we didn’t expect was how fervently ‘local’ wanted to support US!

Kevin McGuckian, Chief Egg Roller at Holy Yolks is the man behind the hashtag and initiative #helptheheros. His normal day job involves creating masterpiece and award winning scotch eggs with names like ‘Pork Fiction’, ‘Mock to the Future’ and ‘Chorizo Royale’… and now he’s coming to a hospital near you.


“A weekly food based care package, made up of goods from each independent business involved, [to] be dropped off to a different hospital each week in the Cardiff, Vale and Newport area.”


Powerhouse of local foodie passion…

Uncommon Ground 
Arcadian Brewing Co 
Carrottop Bakery 
Crane Jewellery 
Dusty Knuckle 
Double D’s Hot Sauce 
The Lazy Leek 
Mockup Designs 
Mr Croquewich 
Penylan Pantry 
Penylan Preserves 
Pettigrew Bakery 
Pilgrim Kitchen 
Smilers Coffee 
Ty Caws 
Welsh Food Box 
Absorb Health 
Calon Lan Cakes 
Corner Coffee 
Leyli Joon Co 
The Artisan Baker 
The Tidy Kitchen Co
The Welsh Picnic Pantry 

We’re not used to being called hero’s but the effort of this man and his powerhouse team during this crisis is truly heroic. We are totally blown away.


Pop over to visit the page to watch the fundraising progress, donate, updates and more.


Twitter & Insta @holy_yolks
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Holy-Yolks-100447528244829/

#helptheheros #covidkindness #generosity #supportlocal #helpthemhelpus

[Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash]


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