Welsh cyclist Luke Rowe kindly donated a new bike to Dr Tom Roberts after his bike was stolen whilst working on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Tom ended his 12+ hour shift on the ICU over the weekend only to find the remnants of his bike lock where his bike should have been.

Offers of help and replacement bikes came in thick and fast from the local public as well as from professional cyclists Luke Rowe and Chris Boardman after Tom expressed his disappointment in finding his bike stolen in a tweet online.

These continued gestures of goodwill and generosity, however big or small, from local businesses and the general public are making a huge difference to NHS workforce morale… so thank you!

Keep going everyone – you’ve got this! And the public has certainly got your back too.

Dr Tom Roberts (left), shiny new goodwill bike (centre), Luke Rowe (right)

@lukerowe1990 #covidkindness #togetherwecan #generosity

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