As the NHS attempts to go back to a business-as-unusual situation, we just wanted to recap and highlight the frankly amazing work done by the Feed the Heath campaign during the COVID-19 crisis.

They didn’t HAVE to do anything. They could have all stayed at home and enjoyed some quality time with their families, but Kasim Ali (Founder of Waterloo Tea and the GoFundMe initiative) explains in his latest update that the city chose to look after us instead.

Read Kasim’s whole article here, or scroll down for some excerpts and highlights!


To feed us freshly cooked and nutritious meals from the city’s finest establishments. 


The Feed the Heath initiative included…

+ Cardiff and Vale Health Charity

+ 25+ companies including cafes, delis, bakers & restaurants across the city

+ delivery company (Go Panda)

+ communication/PR company (Cowshed Communications)

+ independent accountant (Full Stop Accountants) to ensure full auditing of fundraising

+ other companies who may have donated or helped otherwise

[See list at the bottom of the page for contributors]


A completely new challenge

An incredible powerhouse of local companies figuring out how to work together for one single cause

A totally new way of working, transparent hygiene protocols vetted by local environmental health officers

Collections and distributions across the city in the COVID-era

… just to name a few!


All the individuals involved did so because they wanted to. But they also had to reassure their families, justify the risks, and think about the ramifications if they brought the virus home with them. 


£75,595 raised!

  • 60 days of delivering food to local hospitals
  • 53,000 meals
  • 15,000 desserts
  • 3 Hospitals
  • 25 Companies – (125 Individuals)
  • 1,600 donations


Everyone is finding a ‘new normal’. A new way to carry on in these still uncertain times. The local businesses that supported us are no exception. Now it’s their turn to take to unchartered waters.

Let’s show some gratitude.

We’ve said it before and we’ll shout it now – SUPPORT LOCAL! 

Never has it been so easy to do a good deed… there’s even 50% off at some of our favourite eateries across the city with the government Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

As businesses slowly reopen, let’s give them a massive round of applause and support them as they did so selflessly and tirelessly support us.

Pop in for a visit and treat yourself; call it your good deed for the day. 

And also, can someone please give that man an award?

We should use this time to think about the things that we loved and the areas that we felt could be better in our society…

This is the biggest opportunity I have seen in my lifetime and we should grasp it and mould the future. 

Kasim Ali, Founder of Waterloo Tea and Feed the Heath

Kasim – we are wishing you and all your partners all the best as you move forward. We have not, and will never forget all that you have done.

black asphalt road with rainbow sign

The local companies and contributors for the Feed the Heath GoFundMe initiative…

  • Ace Essential Supplies
  • Windsor Fruit and Veg
  • Cakes by Angela
  • Juboraj Restaurants
  • Brod – Danish Bakery
  • Early Bird Cafe
  • Penylan Pantry & Secret Garden Cafe
  • Milkwood Restaurant
  • Penylan Preserves
  • Wally’s Delicatessan
  • Lufkin Coffee
  • Global Cash & Carry
  • James Sommerin
  • The Cinnamon Tree
  • Wellfield Fish Bar
  • Lucinda’s Kitchen
  • Welshmans Lunch
  • Milk & Sugar
  • EJ Catering
  • Pastel De Nata
  • Wiwo
  • New House Hotel
  • Moghul
  • Spiros
  • Food for Life
  • The Ivy restaurants
  • Anna Loka
  • Town & Country (New House Hotel)
  • Vilas
  • Earls Kitchen
  • Scene Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Food Studio
  • and last but not least… Waterloo Tea (OBVIOUSLY!)

And those who helped with donations or otherwise…

  • M&M solicitors
  • CPS Homes
  • CriSeren Group
  • The Bangladesh Welfare Association
  • The Cardiff Reform Synagogue
  • Cardiff Triathletes

DISCLAIMER: this list is not exhaustive, and has been collated from all the updates provided by the GoFundMe Feed the Heath webpage. Apologies if we have missed anyone!

#gratitude #covidkindness #supportlocal

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