What happens when an illustrator and hospital staff get together during a pandemic?


At Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff, Jayne (senior trainee anaesthetist) and Laura Bliss (play therapist), realised just how scary all the staff would look to the children coming into hospital during this pandemic.

For most children, hospital is a scary place they have never been. Others have been to the hospital many times, but this doesn’t always make it any easier. Add to that, the staff suddenly covered head-to-toe in feature-masking personal protective equipment (PPE). A smile usually goes a long way, but sadly not in PPE.

So Jayne got together with play therapist Laura Bliss to come up with the concept of an illustration; then reached out to illustrator Katie Chappell for help.

Katie is no ordinary illustrator. She does all sorts but specialises in LIVE illustration (no pressure), sprucing up giant windows for big-name companies, for example. The fact that she is all for sustainability and eco-friendliness is a juicy bonus.

They got to work and so was born the colourful and fun comic strip below, encouraging kids to be intrigued by these ‘super suits’ and have a giggle at how silly the staff might look in them. What a brilliant idea!

PLUS, Katie has made this resource FREE for you to use. Anywhere. The images are all logo-free and yours to download from her site.

There are four versions, including a Welsh one!


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