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We thought we’d take the opportunity during Mental Health Awareness Week to take a look at another MIND resource that has been made available to NHS staff.

There are a growing number of resources out there, and it’s hard to know what’s right for you; after all, everyone is different.

So, like our other resources, we took this one on a test drive…

What is it?

Unmind is an online platform for mental wellbeing – it offers a variety of wellbeing resources and can also use information you provide to ‘measure, manage and improve’ it (confidentially, only if you wish, of course).

Access to this resource is usually from a corporate level. In other words, it is sold to employers as a solution to looking after their employee wellbeing. Their website tells us their clients include the likes of John Lewis and British Airways.

They offer ‘clinically backed tools’ to help with mental health aspects like stress, sleep, coping, and nutrition.

And now they are offering access for NHS staff for FREE.

How does it work?

After you sign up (see below) you are taken through an (optional) short series of questions about various aspects of your mental wellbeing. It’s short and sweet and we completed it before our coffees were even drinking-temperature.

An ‘Unmind Index’ is generated based on your answers and looks a little like this… 

… your ‘Unmind Index’ broken down with a score pertaining to each category.

It then recommends various resources across the website to help you improve your scores in each category.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to perform your ‘Unmind Index’, that’s ok too. You can start accessing the resources below straight away.

What resources does it have?

It’s not entirely clear from the webpage what exactly is on offer, so here’s a little insight…

The main resources come in two formats – ‘Tools’, or ‘Series‘…


These are one-off resources in a whole range of topics and are usually just a few minutes long (transcript or audio) for a quick injection of wellbeing.

Some resources are slightly longer and include yoga videos and audio interviews on wellbeing topics.

Some examples of topics include ‘Move & Yoga’, ‘Soundwaves’ for relaxing soundtracks, ’MindSnacks’ for some knowledge, and ‘Fireside’ chats/interviews.


As the name implies, you will find resources grouped into series.

Each series then has multiple programmes on a sub-topic – these are daily reads which take 8-11 mins/day; over 6-7 days. You can, of course, complete it all at once.

  • Foundations e.g. ‘Supporting others’
  • Wellbeing e.g. ‘Navigating COVID-19’
  • Health e.g. ‘Sleep for shift work’ and ‘Eat for Energy’
  • Performance e.g. ‘Beat Procrastination’ 
  • Relationships e.g. ‘Better communication’ and ‘Positive parenting’

The transcripts can be read, or if you prefer a hands-free experience, played on audio.

How do I access it?

Sign up with your NHS email address at https://nhs.unmind.com/signup.

Homepage in future is https://nhs.unmind.com.

Good to know

We found the platform interface clean and easy to navigate, and enjoyed looking around at the various options. We have in fact bookmarked quite a few topics we’d be interested in.

It’s a lovely way to spend a few minutes of your down time.

The app is also available on Android and Apple and is even handier – just remember to select your organisation (NHS) when asked.

We hope this has been helpful, if you’ve had any experience with Unmind that you wish to share, do get in touch or comment below.

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[DISCLAIMER: this is a fully independent review, all opinions are our own]

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